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Video #1 (3 min)
Start Here
Video #2 (21 min)
Enagic Breakdown
Video #3 (4 min)
K8 Machine
Video #4 (3 min)
Water Micro-clustering
Video #5 (4 min)
Emulsifying Oil
Video #6 (4 min)
Soda Demo
Video #7 (9 min)
ORP & Alkalinity
Video #8 (11 min)
8pt Comp Plan Intro
Video #9 (12 min)
1A-6A Comp Plan
Video #10 (8 min)
"Trifecta" Strategy
Video #11 (12 min)
6A & Higher Bonuses
Video #12 (1 min)
About Your Presenter
Dave Wilkinson is a top-ranking distributor in Enagic and one of The ACE Initiatives' highest performing affiliates. He began his journey with Enagic in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the science behind the products themselves. Since then he has become an expert on Electrolyzed Reduced Water (Kangen Water®) and has passionately promoted it globally.

Dave in his words "barely made it through high school" growing up. In his early 20's he worked in the oil and natural gas industry, attracted by the lucrative income potential, however the work conditions didn't provide the lifestyle he was looking for. After 4 years in that industry he began looking at alternatives in direct sales and online marketing.

Dave has generated millions of dollars in sales with Enagic and helped thousands of people realize greater potentials with online businesses of their own. He's excited to educate you through our online platform beginning with this video series.

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